PUTSCH - improvised live electronic music project by Ronin and Freddy Frogs


Putsch is an ongoing live performance based audio-visual project which currently consists of Ronin and Freddy Frogs.

Our setup is designed around a building completely improvised arrangement from a few basic sonic elements. All drums, vocals, bass and breaks are sequenced and performed live on-the-spot using a Jazz Mutant Lemur, Novation Remote 25, Korg PadKontrol, Evolution UC33, Korg Nanopad2 and Korg Nanokey. There is a massive Ableton project at the heart of it enabling the step sequencing, breakbeat re-arranging, quantised triggering and patch changes.

The improvisational setup means we can adapt to various tempos and production styles, depending on the event. We have done gigs at 140/160/180 bpm. Within that tempo-based framework the music can go a wide-ranging journey across genres and from minimal to maximal.

We have a video of our first rehearsal which has since been endorsed by Point Blank, the music college where we both teach Ableton.
Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

Putsch are currently taking bookings for
weddings, bar mitzvahs, church fetes, raves, club nights and festivals!

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